Inspiring Cambodian children to hope and dream for the future while educating them to be leaders of character for Cambodia’s future.

Quality Education

We aim to give students a quality education, practical to their native language and culture, that will give them the knowledge, character, and integrity to be role models and leaders in Cambodian Society.

Our teachers are local professionals who are committed to educating children and helping them reach their full potential.


We make quality education affordable by scaling the cost of tuition and fees on a per student basis.

Every student, no matter their economic or social status, deserves a good education and is welcome at our school.

Empowering Leadership

Our goal at New Life School is to produce students of character who have the skills to lead the next generation of Cambodia.

Students are encouraged to step out, take initiative and lead. Our teachers and staff are available to help students explore leadership and learn to lead with character.

We outgrew our previous rented building and purchased land to build a beautiful new school.

Now we are able to help more children succeed in Cambodia!

In Cambodia, access to quality education is difficult for the majority of the population. However, it is especially difficult for low income families, where even basic public education for one child is beyond their financial means.

Lack of access to quality education for disadvantaged communities creates additional problems with poverty and crime that compound over time.

Children from these communities often struggle to have hope that a better life is possible. They also find it hard to dream about what is possible for their life.

Limited life experiences and limited access to education often leaves them believing that opportunities are for others. They have no experiences to look back to that build confidence that they can change their future and that of their family.

New Life School offers Cambodian children the opportunity to receive a quality education regardless of their economic status.

We believe that each of our students has tremendous God-given potential, and we are passionate about educating the children who will one day be leaders in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

What Makes Us Unique

Locally Run

We believe the purpose of New Life School is to train Cambodian children to be a positive influence in their communities and to help them grow into leadership roles in Cambodian Society.

With that goal in mind we believe that the best way to achieve this is for the school to be staffed and operated by local professionals, who understand the intricacies of Cambodian culture and what it takes to be a leader and have a positive impact in the community.


New Life School is founded on Christian principles and operates with Christian core values. It is overseen by a Christian Board of Directors.

Students are trained to have good Christian character and have the opportunity to learn about Jesus each day in some part of their education. Bible is also offered as an elective class to students wishing to learn more.


At New Life School students from all spheres of society come together to get a quality education. There is no privilege for wealth or position, all are human and worthy of the same opportunity.


In a society that is still recovering from the traumatic events of the past, it is vital for our students and staff to live with and to pursue integrity in all that they do.


We work very hard to get the most out of every dollar we get, whether it comes from the tuition families pay or from donors who sponsor a child. Nothing is wasted, we aim to do a lot of good with every dollar spent.

*Kosal’s parents grew up in a slum in Phnom Penh near to the one they now call home. Every day they work hard at jobs that require endless hours of physical labor in the blazing sun and intense heat. They are destined to work like this, barely scraping by for the rest of their lives, unable to take advantage of opportunities because of lack of education and marketable job skills.

However, these parents have hope. Their son *Kosal was able to enroll in the New Life School and is excelling academically. In a few years he will become one of the 98% of New Life Students who pass their national grade 12 exams and continue their education at university. A university education will dramatically change the quality of life for the whole family. University graduates are able to command a salary 2, 3 or 4 times that of uneducated workers in Cambodia. The salary their son earns will help his family live a better life and allow him to save for his own children’s education.

An academic education is not the only thing that *Kosal is receiving at New Life School, he is also learning how to be a leader and live with integrity. *Kosal is learning how to choose to live a life of service in his community and to care about the well being of those less fortunate. When he is old enough, he will use his influence to help the lives of others both physically and spiritually creating a ripple effect through communities and generations.

*Common name in Cambodian culture. This story is a mix of stories that represent many of the children who attend our school.


Best Cambodian Public School Pass Rates


New Life School Pass Rates

Results like this are possible because someone like you believed in *Kosal’s potential. *Kosal needed someone to invest in his education and cover the gap between what his parents could afford and the cost of attending New Life School.

Will you join us in believing in other children like *Kosal?

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