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Trip to Kep town

Our students joyfully visit KEP town, south costal area.

Trip to Kep town

The students refresh at the beach town. 

Coffee Factory

Students are visiting coffee factory 

Coffee Factory

It catches their interests to see how coffee is made. 

Khmer New Year

This is the most special event of the year. Fun, and ready for their summer break.

STEM - Events

Technology – workshop with our students. It brings them up to the next level.

Tech- workshop

Fund, and learn more about the modern technology. 

The school principal, Mr. Song Pov, is encouraging the students to be well-prepared to gain knowledge and wisdom before entering their classrooms. 

New Life School is aimed to provide not only the best quality of education but also the love of Jesus for the children from grade 1 to high school level. 

Our outdoor activity with the small children at a city tour to a zoo. The children really enjoy the enviroment and the sight of so many interesting things. 

There are different animal shows to entertain our children at the zoo. It’s a whole day tour. Our students have a chance to see the wild animals. Most importantly, they get to learn how to protect them and not to deplete them. 

We love, we learn and we will grow in leadership together!

Meeting our young candidates preparing to their final round in 

Our school -public speaking – event

How to become a good English speaker?
តស់ ស្តាប់ការបកស្រាយរបស់កូន ឃួន កន្នីកា មកពីថ្នាក់ទី ៨A!
Let’s hear from our lovely kid, Khoun Kanika from Grade 8A!

What a wonderful week for our Secondary kids to spend time with their new friends from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University learning, enjoying and growing in their new technological understanding!

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