Project Presentation Competition

New Life School successfully closed the first semester by hosting its annual Project Presentation Competition, with participants from grades 9 to 12. Each grade had the top group of students competing with each other for a prize. The winner celebrated with a cash prize, the runner up enjoyed some snacks and the second runner up some sweets! The students had two months to put together their research and present their work using creative visual aids. Competition judges were comprised of the school principal and five of their subject teachers.

The topics chosen were from diverse subjects such as history, economics, and social sciences. Four topics that made it to the winning round were: ‘The Khmer Rouge’ winning first place; ‘Developed Countries Affecting Nature in the Name of Development’ taking second place; ‘Development of Education Must Begin with the Family, the School, Society and Ourselves’ taking third place and ‘Fake Currency and its’ Impact on the Economy’ placing fourth place.

This is a competition that the New Life students look forward to annually. The students expressed they would be missing the team work they’ve done together in the last two months, the experiences they’ve shared and the time spent in groups putting together their presentation before the school and of course winning the prize!

STEM Competition

New Life School has been seeing a bright 2019. At the annual Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) competition New Life School ranked 5th among all the schools for the innovation of an underwater drone.

STEM is a non-profit organization that works to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. Our New Life students are excited about this competition! Our team of three students – Vannak Sun, Bot and Visal competed with 40 other teams across Phnom Penh. The team built an underwater vehicle in two weeks beginning on the 12th of February 2019.

The team’s invention comprised of 3 motors, 6 meters of cable and controllers all made solely by the students. Like any competition, they had to present their project, speak of the specifications of their
invention and then test the credibility of their invention underwater.

Of course it was a success! We are so proud of them for placing 5th amongst the 40 other teams. Our students are already looking forward to the next competition and aim to build something much bigger!

Volunteer with Us!

New Life School has been home to many volunteers from around the globe for many years who invest themselves in teaching English to our children. Since October 2018 we have had three volunteers who have spent a great amount of time with our children and will be heading back home to the States in early April.

Learn more about current opportunities and testimonials from past volunteers.

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