Meet Our Staff

The staff at New Life School are local professionals who are committed to educating children and helping them reach their full potential.

Mr. Pov Song

School Principal

Mrs. Cynthia Gwen McCaul

School Advisor

Khuth Vandeth

Administrative Manager

Soth Thounann

Academic Manager

Soy Souen

Head of Pre & Primary

Chheang Rumny

Head of Secondary

Van Sreymom

Sponsorship Coordinator

Neang Pon

Admin Assistant

Seam Sorphorn

Finance Assistant

Vann Bopha

PA of Principal

Lorn Sophors

Facility Caretaker

Vong Ratha


Chuon Chum

Van Driver

Muon Chaneng

Supervisor of Pre & Kindergarten

Khun Montha

Teacher of Lower Kindergarten

Oeun Usa

Teacher of Upper Kindergarten

Moeurn Ty Ty

TA of Kindergarten

Toeur Narin

TA of Kindergarten

Thorn Panha

TA of Kindergarten

Vann Veasna

Grade 1A Teacher

Touch Theara

Grade 1B Teacher

Seth Rany

Grade 2B Teacher

Phat Kimsreang

Grade 3A Teacher

Chea Sopheap

Grade 3B Teacher

Chheang Mouynea

Grade 4A Teacher

Mann Ly

Grade 4B Teacher

Mean Vannak

Grade 5 Teacher

Phork Sokun

Grade 6 Teacher

Yan Kanha

Secondary Teacher (Chemistry)

Phon Sokhann

Secondary Teacher (Math)

Lorn Leakhena

TA of Grade 1A

Nath Teresa

TA of Grade 1A

Lee Chheng

TA of Grade 2A

Khem Chanrat

TA of Grade 2B

Chan Sopheaktra

Head of English

Horl Sophan

English Teacher (Secondary)

Duong Norin Pung

English Teacher (Primary)

Eng Chanthida

English Teacher (Primary)

Will you join us in believing in these children?

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