New Life School offers Cambodian children the opportunity to receive a quality education regardless of their economic status. With this education we are preparing our students to lead the next generation of Cambodia with character and integrity.

Students are educated to the highest Cambodian educational standards by professional Cambodian teachers. Students are encouraged to dream big and to study hard to make those dreams a reality. We want the students at New Life School to understand the world around them and be able to enter that world as leaders with character.

We seek to provide an excellent learning experience in the local Khmer language that focuses on history, geography, math, reading, writing, the arts, science, health and social studies. We also offer English language classes to our students. Our students have a 98% pass rate on Cambodia grade 12 final exams.

In addition to our academic curriculum we focus on 3 things every day with our students.

Instilling Hope

Encouraging students to take advantage of the opportunities that education provides and to believe they can succeed and build a new future for themselves as well as their country.

Building The Ability To Dream

Children who come from difficult situations often struggle to dream of a life different from that of their parents. Our teachers are constantly working to help students dream bigger and brighter, while giving them the education they need to make those dreams a reality.

Building Character

We want our students to be aware of opportunities, evaluate them with character, and intentionally choose to live a life of service.

Quality Education

We give students a quality education, practical to their native language and culture, that will give them the knowledge, character, and integrity to be role models and leaders in Cambodian

The teachers at New Life School are local professionals who are committed to educating children and helping them reach their full potential. Our teachers are given the tools they need to excel at their profession. They receive regular training, mentoring, and evaluations that help them refine their teaching skills to better equip their students for the future.

Our teachers and staff provide students with intentional instruction and care to help them grow into people of character that will impact Cambodia in the future.

New Life School is registered with Cambodia’s National Ministry of Education. Our curriculum meets and exceeds national standards and our school is regularly evaluated by officials from the Ministry of Education.


We make quality education affordable by scaling the cost of tuition and fees on a per student basis.

We want families to financially invest in their children’s education as much as possible. Families who can afford to pay the full tuition cost for their children are expected to pay the costs associated with their students education. For families with limited income, we ask them to commit to pay an amount they can afford. Even a small monetary investment in their child’s education dramatically increases how much value they place on their child’s education and the amount they engage in their child’s learning process.

We are always looking for more generous sponsors to cover the difference between what a family can afford and the actual cost of educating each child.

Empowering Leadership

Our goal at New Life School is to produce students of character who have the skills to lead the rising generation of Cambodia.

Students are encouraged to step out, take initiative and lead. Our teachers and staff are available to help students explore leadership and learn to lead with character.

Over the last few years our students have started and continue to lead a number of extra curricular activities. Our high school students have started and help lead the following programs:


  • STEM Club
  • Robotics Club
  • Drama Club
  • Peer Tutoring Program

Raising a generation of children to have knowledge, skills, and character that equips them to build up the local church and encourages positive change in Cambodian society.
– Mission Statement


New Life School was founded by Charles McCaul and New Life Fellowship in 2006. The school opened with Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades with the commitment to add an addition grade each year after that. New Life School has grown steadily over the years currently has over 600 students enrolled in grades pre K – grade 12.

Daily operations of the school are managed by a team of professional Cambodian administrators and teachers. Students come from a wide variety of social and economic backgrounds but have equal opportunity to receive a quality education.

The future is looking bright for New Life School.  We have a beautiful new school building for our children to study in.  In 2021 we added another 100 students and we have room for more!


Our students are successful when they graduate and are able to move on and continue their education at local universities and vocational schools.

Academically they are successful when they complete their coursework and yearly final exams.

Our students are successful in life when they have done the work required to be able to take advantage of opportunities that are presented to them. Then, because of the character they have built while in our care, they choose to live a life of service to their communities.


Success for our teachers is using the tools they are given to inspire children to hope, dream and excel.

Successful teachers build lasting relationships with students, becoming trusted mentors and advisors as students grow.

We evaluate a teachers contribution to the school culture through student academics, student character growth, and their ability to help students realize their full potential.


On a community level we are successful when we see the academics we teach, and the character and integrity we model, bringing positive change to the communities our students live in. This change is both practical and spiritual and affects all areas and levels of a community.

We expect our students to be positive agents for change, not just in the future when they complete their education, but in real time as they apply their daily learning to their lives.

Organizational Accountability

New Life School is part of the New Life Fellowship family of ministries. The Board of Directors for New Life School is accountable to the Board of Directors of  New Life Fellowship.

The New Life School administration is accountable to the New Life School Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is made up of local leaders and expats with experience in education.

Bunret Eat

Bunret is currently Director of Finance for WB Finance, and brings an excellent financial background to New Life School Board. He has more than a decade of experience in accounting and finance, business planning, administration, internal control and auditing, tax, management and leadership. Before joining WB Finance, he spent 5 years working as internal auditor and external auditor for an International NGO and international auditing firm.
He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the National University of Management, majoring in Accounting. He attended many local and international training on accounting and finance, microfinance, liquidity management, risk management, consulting, internal control, internal auditing, fraud auditing and forensic accounting in Singapore, Italy, Indonesia, Philippines, Uganda, and Vietnam.

Samdy Leang

Samdy Leang is Senior Pastor at New Life Fellowship. He joined the New Life senior leadership team in 2006 with responsibility for overseeing church growth and the spiritual health of New Life Fellowship of churches across the country. Pastor Samdy has also played a crucial part overseeing New Life’s administration, human resources and finance department. While serving as one of the pastors in the Senior Leadership Team, Pastor Samdy was involved in preaching and teaching in the church and giving direction to New Life School, where he served as a board member. He has had opportunities to travel overseas to gain insights as to how other successful churches and organizations function. In 2016, Pastor Samdy was made Executive Pastor of the church. In 2019, Pastor Samdy was asked to be the interim Senior Pastor in New Life Fellowship of Churches. He now serves as Chairman of the New Life School Board.

Im Kounthea

Im Kounthea is owner of Vung Sekha Rice. He is former Training and development Manager of Mfone Co., Ltd and previously served as HR and Administration Manager of NVC Corporation. Kounthea is a graduate of Universite’de Paris-Est Creteil. He lives in Phnom Penh with his wife Vung and their two children.

Steve Ramsing

Steve Ramsing is a US business owner who owns and manages Northwest Compressors in the United States. He has an agricultural degree and comes with a construction and heavy industry background. He is a licensed maintenance electrician, and contractor in the USA. Steve has a passion for tackling problems and finding solutions.

Cynde McCaul

Cynde McCaul and her husband, Charles, have lived in Cambodia for over 20 years. She is a graduate of Merritt Davis School of Commerce and has been a home educator for 35 years. She was formally director over children’s ministries at ECF and was office manager for the American Red Cross. Cynde has served as advisor to New Life School since 2012. She is passionate about making learning fun and seeing lives changed.

Chhoeun Song

Chhoeun Song holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Education and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Chhoeun has been an educator for over 12 years, mainly involved in teaching English and Math to primary and secondary school students. He also has one year of experience teaching at the university level. He holds a TKT certificate from Cambridge University through Springboard Cambodia and has used the TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) methods for training teachers. Chhoeun gained international experience when he was selected to travel for 3 months in a European cultural exchange program through Dan Missions, Cambodia. He has a passion for educational excellence, believing that education is an important key to lead a nation out of poverty.

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